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June 2011 (vol. 44 no. 6)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
Elsewhere in the CS
The Known World
David Alan Grier, George Washington University
pp. 6-8
32 and 16 Years Ago
Technology News
News Briefs
Guest Editor's Introduction
Cover Features
Kai Kuikkaniemi, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Giulio Jacucci, Helsinki University of Technology
Marko Turpeinen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Eve Hoggan, Helsinki University of Technology
Jörg Müller, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
pp. 40-47
Felipe Gil-Castineira, University of Vigo, Spain
Enrique Costa-Montenegro, University of Vigo, Spain
Francisco J. Gonzalez-Castano, University of Vigo, Spain
Cristina Lopez-Bravo, University of Vigo, Spain
Timo Ojala, University of Oulu , Oulu
Raja Bose, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto
pp. 48-55
Research Feature
Nilanjan Mukherjee, Mentor Graphics
Janusz Rajski, Mentor Graphics
Grzegorz Mrugalski, Mentor Graphics Polska
Artur Pogiel, Mentor Graphics Polska
Jerzy Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology
pp. 64-71
Report to Members
Dejan Milojicic, HP Labs
Phil Laplante, Pennsylvania State University
pp. 84-88
Computer Society Connection
Call and Calendar
Bob Ward, IEEE Computer Society
pp. 92-93
Software Technologies
César Pardo, Kybele Consulting Colombia
Francisco J. Pino, University of Cauca, Colombia
Félix García, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Mario Piattini, Alarcos Quality Center, Spain
pp. 94-96
Entertainment Computing
Dan Breznitz, Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Murphree, Georgia Institute of Technology
Seymour Goodman, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 100-102
Discovery Analytics
Cynthia Rudin, Columbia University
Rebecca J. Passonneau, Columbia University
Axinia Radeva, Columbia University
Steve Ierome, Consolidated Edison of New York
Delfina F. Isaac, Consolidated Edison of New York
pp. 103-105
Jan Cuny, National Science Foundation
pp. 107-109
The Profession
Neville Holmes, University of Tasmania
pp. 112, 110-111
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