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Comodeling: From Requirements to an Integrated Software/Hardware Model
April 2011 (vol. 44 no. 4)
pp. 62-70
Toby Myers, Griffith University
R. Geoff Dromey, Griffith University
Peter Fritzson, Linköping University
Comodeling lets developers systematically investigate and compare different software and hardware partitions to meet a system's constraints earlier in the design process, when integration problems are easier and cheaper to resolve.

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Index Terms:
Systems engineering, Hardware/software codesign, Comodeling, Behavior engineering, Modelica, Requirements engineering, Hybrid simulation, Behavior trees
Toby Myers, R. Geoff Dromey, Peter Fritzson, "Comodeling: From Requirements to an Integrated Software/Hardware Model," Computer, vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 62-70, April 2011, doi:10.1109/MC.2010.270
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