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Issue No.02 - February (2011 vol.44)
pp: 29-36
Neil Di Spigna , North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Mihir Shiveshwarkar , North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Daniel Schinke , North Carolina State University, Raleigh
The authors report on the design, operation, and architectural implications of single and double floating-gate devices for non-traditional applications enabling low-power FPGAs and analog-to-digital converters, and propose a unified nonvolatile/volatile memory device.
Unified memory, Floating-gate devices, FPGAs, Analog-to-digital converters, Memory arrays
Neil Di Spigna, Mihir Shiveshwarkar, Daniel Schinke, "Computing with Novel Floating-Gate Devices", Computer, vol.44, no. 2, pp. 29-36, February 2011, doi:10.1109/MC.2010.366
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