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January 2007 (vol. 40 no. 1)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
Cover Features
President's Message
EIC's Message
Carl K. Chang, Iowa State University, USA
pp. 7-8
V.H. Berk, Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, NH
G. Cybenko, Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, NH
pp. 62-70
IT Systems Perspectives
Celebrating the Past
David Alan Grier, George Washington University
pp. 12-14
Web Technologies
D. Gruhl, IBM Almaden Res. Center, San Jose, CA
J. Bailey, IBM Almaden Res. Center, San Jose, CA
J. Spohrer, IBM Almaden Res. Center, San Jose, CA
P.P. Maglio, IBM Almaden Res. Center, San Jose, CA
pp. 71-77
Gregory Dudek, McGill University
Philippe Giguere, McGill University
Chris Prahacs, McGill University
Shane Saunderson, McGill University
Junaed Sattar, McGill University
Luz-Abril Torres-Mendez, McGill University
Michael Jenkin, York University
Andrew German, York University
Andrew Hogue, York University
Arlene Ripsman, York University
Jim Zacher, York University
Evangelos Milios, Dalhousie University
Hui Liu, Dalhousie University
Pifu Zhang, Dalhousie University
Marti Buehler, Boston Dynamics
pp. 46-53
Tim Menzies, West Virginia University
David Owen, West Virginia University
Julian Richardson, Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
pp. 54-60
Membership News
The Profession
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