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October 2004 (vol. 37 no. 10)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
At Random
Membership News
Computing Practices
Brian Whitworth, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Whitworth, Carleton University
pp. 38-45
Cover Features
David Garlan, Carnegie Mellon University
Shang-Wen Cheng, Carnegie Mellon University
An-Cheng Huang, Carnegie Mellon University
Bradley Schmerl, Carnegie Mellon University
Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 46-54
David Harel, Weizmann Institute of Science
Bernhard Rumpe, Technische Universit?t Braunschweig
pp. 64-72
Research Features
William G. Griswold, University of California, San Diego
Patricia Shanahan, University of California, San Diego
Steven W. Brown, University of California, San Diego
Robert Boyer, University of California, San Diego
Matt Ratto, KNAW-Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
R. Benjamin Shapiro, Northwestern University
Tan Minh Truong, Accenture
pp. 73-81
Invisible Computing
Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Laboratory
Natalia Marmasse, MIT Media Laboratory
pp. 110-111
Entertainment Computing
Mike Goslin, Walt Disney Internet Group
Mark R. Mine, Walt Disney Internet Group
pp. 112-114
The Profession
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