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June 2002 (vol. 35 no. 6)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
At Random
Article Summaries
Industry Trends
Technology News
News Briefs
News Briefs (Abstract)
pp. 25-27
Cover Features
Ian Foster, University of Chicago
Carl Kesselman, University of Southern California?s Information Sciences Institute
Steven Tuecke, University of Chicago
pp. 37-46
Research Features
Cyrus Shahabi, University of Southern California
Roger Zimmermann, University of Southern California
Kun Fu, University of Southern California
Shu-Yuen Didi Yao, University of Southern California
pp. 56-64
Kern Koh, Seoul National University
Sang Lyul Min, Seoul National University
Sam H. Noh, Hong-Ik University
pp. 65-73
Membership News
Call and Calendar (Abstract)
pp. 77-80
Products (Abstract)
pp. 82-83
Software Technologies
Tom DeMarco, Atlantic Systems Guild
Barry Boehm, University of Southern California Center for Software Engineering
pp. 90-92
Sasikanth Avancha, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Anupam Joshi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Timothy Finin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
pp. 96-99
Entertainment Computing
The Profession
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