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May 2002 (vol. 35 no. 5)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
At Random
Article Summaries
Technology News
Industry Trends
News Briefs
News Briefs (Abstract)
pp. 25-27
Computing Practices
Cover Features
Won Kim, Cyber Database Solutions and MaxScan
Ki-Joon Chae, Ewha Womans University
Dong-Sub Cho, Ewha Womans University
Byoungju Choi, Ewha Womans University
Anmo Jeong, Artist Inc.
Myung Kim, Ewha Womans University
KiHo Lee, Ewha Womans University
Meejeong Lee, Ewha Womans University
Sang-Ho Lee, Ewha Womans University
Seung-Soo Park, Ewha Womans University
Hwan-Seung Yong, Ewha Womans University
pp. 46-54
Pallavi Malu, Intel Corporate Technology Group
Krishnamurthy Srinivasan, Intel Corporate Technology Group
pp. 55-62
Research Features
T.S. Raghu, Arizona State University
R. Ramesh, State University of New York
Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas
pp. 63-70
Laura E. Jackson, North Carolina State University
George N. Rouskas, North Carolina State University
pp. 72-79
Fayaz A. Shaikh, Novellus Systems
Stan McClellan, Compaq Computer Corporation
Sannedhi K. Chakravarthy, University of Alabama at Birmingham
pp. 80-87
Membership News
Call and Calendar (Abstract)
pp. 88-91
Career Opportunities
Bookshelf (Abstract)
pp. 99
Products (Abstract)
pp. 100-101
IT Systems Perspective
Embedded Computing
The Profession
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