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Garnet: Comprehensive Support for Graphical, Highly Interactive User Interfaces
November 1990 (vol. 23 no. 11)
pp. 71-85

The Garnet research project, which is creating a set of tools to aid the design and implementation of highly interactive, graphical, direct-manipulation user interfaces, is discussed. Garnet also helps designers rapidly develop prototypes for different interfaces and explore various user-interface metaphors during early product design. It emphasizes easy specification of object behavior, often by demonstration and without programming. Garnet contains a number of different components grouped into two layers. The Garnet Toolkit (the lower layer) supplies the object-oriented graphics system and constraints, a set of techniques for specifying the objects' interactive behavior in response to the input devices, and a collection of interaction techniques. On top of the Garnet Toolkit layer are a number of tools to make creating user interfaces easier. The components of both layers are described.

Brad A. Myers, Dario A. Giuse, Roger B. Dannenberg, Brad Vander Zanden, David S. Kosbie, Edward Pervin, Andrew Mickish, Philippe Marchal, "Garnet: Comprehensive Support for Graphical, Highly Interactive User Interfaces," Computer, vol. 23, no. 11, pp. 71-85, Nov. 1990, doi:10.1109/2.60882
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