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October 1984 (vol. 17 no. 10)
ISSN: 0018-9162
Table of Contents
Computer Education (Abstract)
T.L. Booth, University of Connecticut
pp. 57-68
J.-L. Baer, University of Washington
pp. 77-87
Supercomputing (Abstract)
J.P. Riganati, National Bureau of Standards
pp. 97-113
R.L. Brown, Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
pp. 173-190
Databases (Abstract)
G. Wiederhold, Stanford University
pp. 211-223
Issue Survey (PDF)
pp. 248-249
Robotics (Abstract)
J.F. Jarvis, AT&T Bell Laboratories
pp. 283-292
K., Jr. Preston, Carnegie-Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh
pp. 294-313
Speech Processing (Abstract)
H.L. Andrews, AT&T Bell Laboratories
pp. 315-324
New Products (PDF)
pp. 326-330
Calendar (PDF)
pp. 344-347
Book Reviews (PDF)
pp. 349-350
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