The New Education Department and Editorial Board Members
January/February 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 1) pp. 5-6
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The New Education Department and Editorial Board Members
Gabriel Taubin, Brown University
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It's my pleasure to introduce the new Education department. Gitta Domik and Scott Owen—two well-recognized experts in the field—will coedit it. I introduced Gitta as a new editorial board member last issue. For more on this new department, see the sidebar on the next page.
Scott Owen has also joined the board. Scott, as the ACM Siggraph president, among many other accomplishments, needs no introduction; you all know him well. Also joining the board is Cindy Grimm of Washington University in St. Louis. Her research contributions and interests fall broadly into two categories: surface modeling and art-motivated interaction and rendering. Scott and Cindy, welcome to the team! For more on them, see the sidebar on this page.
That's all for now. I'll be introducing more new editorial board members in subsequent issues. I'll continue communicating with you through this column. In the meantime, enjoy the issue.
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