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Navigation and Discovery in 3D CAD Repositories
July/August 2007 (vol. 27 no. 4)
pp. 38-47
Jiantao Pu, Purdue University
Yagnanarayanan Kalyanaraman, Purdue University
Subramaniam Jayanti, Purdue University
Karthik Ramani, Purdue University
Zygmunt Pizlo, Purdue University
While traditional text-based searches are impractical for users seeking 3D content in large repositories, existing 3D search systems present search results in a 1D list, which is hard to search. A new interaction paradigm lets users navigate results in 2D and 3D spaces and easily find 3D models that are similar overall or in a single orientation.

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Index Terms:
visualization systems, CAD, applications of visualization, interaction, user interfaces
Jiantao Pu, Yagnanarayanan Kalyanaraman, Subramaniam Jayanti, Karthik Ramani, Zygmunt Pizlo, "Navigation and Discovery in 3D CAD Repositories," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 38-47, July-Aug. 2007, doi:10.1109/MCG.2007.87
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