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Cinematic Meeting Facilities Using Large Displays
July/August 2005 (vol. 25 no. 4)
pp. 17-21
Most people think of using large-display installations for highly technical visualization work such as scientific visualization of a large data set, process control, or technical design. In the past several years, researchers at Alias have investigated these types of applications, for example, using large displays that let automotive stylists view and design on full-size displays of automobile exteriors. Recently, however, they have begun extending their work with large-display technology into the domain of corporate meeting facilities. The Alias corporate headquarters in Toronto contains the Alias Visualization Studio (the VizStudio), a unique meeting facility that makes use of large display technology to support digital visual communication and collaboration with corporate clients, future customers, employees, and corporate partners. Using large displays in this type of corporate meeting facility produces its own unique set of challenges and solutions.

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Index Terms:
large displays, Alias, meeting facilities
George Fitzmaurice, Azam Khan, Gordon Kurtenbach, Graham Binks, "Cinematic Meeting Facilities Using Large Displays," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 17-21, July-Aug. 2005, doi:10.1109/MCG.2005.76
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