About the publications web page

A Perl program generates the HTML for the web page based on the contents of a driver file and using some templates for HTML formatting. For instance, the following bits of driver-file text
category|societyieee|For or about the Computer Society or IEEE|

    OSI: The Internet That Wasn't|Andrew Russell|July 2013|53|
are used by the Perl program to invoke templates named $CATEGORY and $TITLEAUTHOR to generate two entries on the web page. By adding content to the driver file, new entries for the web page are created. By changing a template, the formatting for a particular type of entry can be changed consistently across the web page. Once an updated web page is generated by the Perl program, it is FTP'ed to the Society web server.

Copies of the tools/files mentioned above are on the Society Alfresco server currently in the comphistory directory. They are: